VIDEO: Joseph Morgan talks Klaus and Caroline

Joseph Morgan talks to at a PaleyFest event honoring The Originals on March 22, 2014.

Joseph Morgan talks working on The Originals

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Digital Spy has a spoiler free interview with Joseph Morgan, who talks working on The Originals.

How delicious is it to play the bad guy?
“I love it. I’m having so much fun; that’s why I’m doing this show. I wanted to explore the character further – and that’s exactly what I get to do. Originally, I thought I would only want to play Klaus for about a year on The Vampire Diaries - but he’s just turned out to be such a great character because he is so multi-faceted. There’s more to him then just being a two-dimensional evil character. We’ve learned more about his motives and what drives him. We’ve learned about his vulnerabilities and what made him like he is: his history with his family, with his father and mother, and the rejection from his siblings, and so on. It’s a lot of fun.”

Claire Holt as Rebekah and Joseph Morgan as Klaus in The Originals: 'Apres Moi, Le Deluge'
What else do you enjoy about playing Klaus?
“It’s also fun to be the character who brings the chaos. He’s the guy who comes in and scatters the chips everywhere, rather than trying to put everything back together, which is what some of the characters on the other show got stuck doing. I get to play a lot more of the theatrical side of Klaus as well, when he’s playing to a crowd or when he’s holding court or holding people hostage. It’s a lot of fun. I really enjoy it; I’m nowhere near done with it yet.”

How much fun do you have working on the flashback scenes? Klaus has a very cultured past…
“You’re right; he is cultured. When I auditioned for the role a few years ago, the audition notes referred to the fact that Klaus was a fan of opera. I thought to myself, ‘That’s so interesting’. Then they made him a painter and he also shows an interest in literature and poetry. He reads a William Blake poem in one of the episodes, which is really nice. I like working on the period scenes a lot.”

How much work is involved in those scenes?
“I think it’s more work for everyone because there are more to the costumes. There are wigs involved and things like that, but the sets also have to be transformed. It’s a lot of fun, though. Where else do you get to play a character in the present day and in the past? I’ve done period drama before and I’ve done modern day shows, but to do it all in one show and to show the evolution of a character over a huge amount of time is a great bonus for me.”

What would you like to see happen to Klaus this season?
“This season, I’d like to see him embrace the idea of being a father a little more. I feel like he is embracing the idea a little, but he’s very conflicted. He’s conflicted about everything though!”

What is Klaus going to be like as a father?
“I would imagine he’d be a stern disciplinarian. If it’s a girl and she grows up to be a teenager, woe betide the boys that she tries to bring back to the house! To be honest, I don’t know what he’s going to be like as a father. I think he’ll need the help of his siblings to put him in his place and help him stay honourable and good.”

Full interview here.

Joseph Morgan surveys the fraught future of the Mikaelson family

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From Zap2It:

While you prep for the emotional turmoil of Tuesday’s (March 11) epic episode of “The Originals,” “Farewell to Storyville,” you should probably fire up your CWTV app, because star Joseph Morgan wants you to marathon the past two episodes.

He tells Zap2it that episodes 14, 15 and 16 “are sort of a chapter in themselves.” Explains the star, “They’re sort of a three-parter. If you had them all on DVD you’d watch them as a marathon. Sixteen should be called ‘Family Business’ because it’s very much centered around Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah.”

The episode will feature the surviving Mikaelson siblings finally getting in some much-needed group therapy. “It’s them in one location thrashing out everything. Everything comes out — all the secrets. Everything’s out on the table and they realize we have to deal with this as a family now. Can we move forward? Can we forgive each other? Can we forget?”

Joseph Morgan on his family, fans and Klaus’ dead brothers

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In his newest interview Joseph Morgan talks his supportive family, passionate fans, Klaus’ dead brothers and more. Keep on reading to find out if there’s any chance Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) and Finn (Casper Zafer) will come to New Orleans.

Klaus has this bratty, middle child-syndrome kind of deal. Does Klaus’ family dynamic relate to your own in any way?
No, I just have one brother, younger than me. I didn’t grow up in that way, and my parents stayed together and were very loving. One thing I can relate to is the closeness and the value of family. We moved to Wales when I was quite young but we frequently visited the rest of my family especially my mother’s side. Woe to anyone who does them wrong.

Speaking of Klaus’ siblings, there were two others who were killed off on The Vampire Diaries. Now with the spin-off, is there any regret in doing away with those two brothers? Is there any chance we’ll see them in flashbacks or in the present even?
It’s not my decision to regret. [Laughs.] We always hear whispers of storylines to come, and about 50% of them pan out. The writer’s room constantly adapts and changes things and goes with characters that are making an impact and kills off characters that aren’t, latching on to certain storylines and working around other actors’ schedules. There’s all these factors that come into play.

But there’s possibilities to bring them back in a 1,000 years worth of flashbacks, and secondly, we are a supernatural show. There’s always a chance an incantation can be found, or some kind of loophole that the witches never saw coming.

You mentioned being a big fan of this horror. It’s so popular right now. What would you say The Originalsbrings to the table that other TV dabbling in the supernatural doesn’t?
We’re a more adult show than the show that we came from. The city is very much a character. We’re very into the reputation that the city has for decadence. And then the idea of a war, I feel like we’re among the most epic shows in that respect. We’re dealing with these beings who are a thousand years old, these Originals. They could only have existed in Mystic Falls for so long before it became a little ludicrous, in my opinion. The stakes are so high for creatures like that. They need to be involved, they need to have epic action, they need to be involved in a war for their species. What we’re really trying to do is grow the scale a bit.

We’re still finding our feet too, don’t get me wrong. We’re a first season and I feel like episodes 14, 15 and 16 are the best we’ve done, and it’s because we’re starting to find our tone, our groove and step out on our own. To say, this is the show we are, and it’s a little darker, a little more psychological than its predecessor.

If I could separate The Originals from The Vampire Diaries in a nutshell I’d say that The Vampire Diaries is more coming-of-age, and we’re more these monsters reveling in who they are and what they are. It’s the end of days for us Mikaelsons. They’ve come to New Orleans to eventually self destruct, to kill each other or love each other, but it’s all going to happen in that city.

You’ve been playing this role for a couple years now, your biggest role to date. You also just won the People’s Choice award for Favorite Actor in a New Series. Now that your fame is blowing up, have you had any crazy run-ins with fans?
The fans are so incredible and so incredibly determined. In New York, I was late for an event for the Upfronts. I was with my girlfriend and there were a lot of fans of various shows camped out outside the hotel, so you’d get a lot of people shouting for photos as soon as you walked out. I was so late so I jumped into the car they provided, and we were just trying to make it there. And a couple of these girls ran down the road after the town car, just running through the streets of New York, and they kept running.

And we kept going for six, seven blocks, and it was like, they’re still there! Then we stopped at a light and I thought, “We’ve gotta get out and take a photo with these girls because this is crazy.” That they would want that so much was so bonkers to me. That was a moment of realization for me that people really like this show.

Full interview here.

Joseph Morgan talks the witches’ attack

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000Joseph discusses the surprising twist we could watch three weeks ago, and predicts we are going to be frightened tonight.

The Originals’ Rebekah and Klaus are about to go through living Hell.

At the end of the last episode, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) had been taken by the new band of witches, dead set on exacting their revenge. From the first minute of Tuesday’s episode (8/7c, The CW), the two are in dire circumstances, separated, and being tortured. What unravels is not for the faint of heart.

“The episode is possibly the most terrifying episode of The Originals to air so far,” Morgan tells “I jumped out of my seat a few times and I knew what was coming. I’d advise not to show the episode to young children. It’s pretty frightening.”

As Morgan explains, the witches’ attack on the Original family and the repercussions of that will play out over the next three episodes “coming to a terrifying conclusion.” But before then, the two — with the help of the witches, of course — will be torn apart due to the decades-long secret Rebekah and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) are hiding. If Klaus were to learn his sister and best friend were behind bringing their father to New Orleans — an event that eventually caused Klaus and Co. to flee — could “Always and Forever” be done for good?

“I mean what is ‘for good’ in terms of an immortal?” Morgan says. “But it’s a huge betrayal and not something that can be forgiven, and I don’t know that Klaus would be satisfied putting Rebekah in a time-out with a dagger.” Added to all the backstabbing Klaus has already been around, this would only intensify his lack of trusting anyone. “He already is very untrusting and suspicious of people’s loyalties to him, and this will confirm he was right to be suspicious all along,” Morgan says. “His experiences have shown him not to trust anyone but himself, so this is a confirmation of that so he’ll find it difficult to team up with anyone…I don’t know if there’s coming back from this.”

Full article here.

Tune in the CW tonight to find out what’s Joseph talking about.

Joseph Morgan: I’m no longer the B storyline

Fearnet recently talked to Joseph about Armistice (now out in the US), 500 Miles North and his behind-the-scenes role. I’m also happy to read some updates on the upcoming Luke Massey’s film – according to The Originals star, they “are hoping to release 500 Miles North at the end of this year”.

How did you get involved in Armistice?
My co-star, Matt Ryan, and I have been friends for years and years and years, since college. Matt and I co-wrote a short film called “With These Hands” and we were looking for a director of photography. Matt was in the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon, and he met a guy named Luke [Massey] who shot some short films for the company. So we contacted Luke and went to see him and he was interested. We ended up making this short film with him as the director of photography. He started talking to me about a film idea he was developing with a guy named Ben [Read] called Warhouse. He asked me if I would be interested in doing it, and I was – I am a huge fan of genre. So it sort of developed from there. It eventually became Armistice. We shot it for about five weeks in Stratford. It’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I’ve been solid friends with Ben and Luke since then.

Was your friendship how you also became an executive producer on it?
That was essentially part of the offer when they came to me. What Luke was really interested in was collaborating on a deeper level. So we collaborated in all aspects, from the script to really developing the character together from the beginning. I was on board from the beginning – before there even was a script. Those two guys wrote it – don’t get me wrong – but I was very involved in the development and the casting, and in the post-production process as well, in terms of really honing the story. Even in post-production, the film transformed dramatically and became something cleaner and simpler and better – in my opinion.

Is that something you would love to move into, a more of the behind-the-scenes role?
I wouldn’t say more, but certainly equally. I was a producer on the next film I did with Luke, which we are hoping to release at the end of this year, called 500 Miles North and I also produced and directed a short film called “Revelations” starring Persia White, who is my girlfriend as well. I’m very interested in writing and directing – all aspects of filmmaking. I’m pretty much a geek for the way a film is made. Even doing a film – or a TV show – purely as an actor, it is very interesting to me to see how the filmmakers get it done. I feel like it is a huge learning experience.

So yeah, that’s a kind of convoluted way of saying I am – not that I want to move away from acting. Just be involved in all aspects.

Also, I’m also quite anal about my attention to detail, so I would rather have more control than less control of a character and a story. The more I can put my two cents in, the more I feel comfortable in doing something.

You are the focus of Armistice. Much of the film is just you. Does that make it harder for you, because it is just you, or easier, because you like to have so much control?
In a way, yes, I see what you mean. Obviously, in a way, it is more pressure because if I mess up, I’ve only got myself to blame! [Laughs.] I can’t blame it on any of my co-stars! But collaborating with Luke – first off, I trust him implicitly. I know he’ll never use something I’m uncomfortable with. I feel free to experiment – and fail – and for us to discuss it, and know that he won’t sneak that into the cut. There is a freedom there. I wouldn’t say it was easier or harder – it’s just different. It’s nice to have that variety in a career, where you can really experiment with something like that. That is an extreme, and it’s an opportunity – certainly I don’t want every project to be just me – but it’s something that, if I hadn’t done it with Armistice, I wouldh ave definitely been interested in experimenting with it.

How do you go about preparing for a role like this? You have nobody to play off of, and there is a sense of loneliness and isolation. Does that transfer to time spent off-set?
I try not to let it continue on. While we made Armistice I stayed with Ben and every evening we would all sit and have dinner and talk about it. It was a very social experience for me. There was a huge sense of camaraderie off-camera. I worked a lot with our producer and military advisor Billy Budd, who was a Royal Marine, to get down the lingo and the demeanor. I felt that change in me while I was doing it, and certainly you hold onto that change. Also, just being there in that house, day after day… we tried to shoot as consecutively as we could, so I was really worn down by the end of shooting. I was able to use that exhaustion, draw from it for the craziness, the state of delirium that A.J. Budd ends up in.

I imagine that for a film like this, it would be far simpler to shoot it in order – at least from an acting standpoint.
It was. We did that as much as we could. Obviously we couldn’t do it entirely. The shot [that opens the movie] where I wake up on the bed and I put on the uniform, that was the first scene we shot. We tried to, as much as we could, work our way through.

Switching gears a little bit, what has the transition been like, going from The Vampire Diaries to The Originals? There are a lot more shades of gray in The Originals.
I would say there was a fair amount of gray before I made the transition. Having more screen time on the new show, you are able to see more layers because there is more time to explore them. I’m no longer the B storyline. It has been a transition in that way. I would say it has been more challenging because the workload is much bigger and there is a lot of press involved, trying to launch a new show. But it is very rewarding as well. My favorite bits of doing The Vampire Diaries was always working with Daniel [Gillies] and Claire [Holt], who play my siblings. It is great to be able to explore that a little further and take it to another level. So yeah, it has been challenging, but the reward has been worth it.


Joseph Morgan’s Maniac Magazine cover shoot footage

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Maniac Magazine posted an exclusive footage of Joseph Morgan’s cover shoot. In the behind the scenes video Joseph also reveals his Most Maniac Moment. Watch the video bellow to find out more.

You can find scans of Joseph here.

Ask Joseph a question

Dec 13 • by admin • No CommentsInterviews, Photoshoot

Maniac Magazine was on set with Joseph Morgan on Wednesday shooting their Men’s Issue cover and they shared two beautiful behind the scenes shots on their twitter.

joseph morgan maniac magazine photoshoot joseph morgan maniac magazine
Today, they’re doing an interview with him, and they’re giving you a chance to ask your question. You can send it to them on their facebook page. Hurry up, you might only have few hours or less left.

Update: Another photo was shared on twitter an hour ago.

joseph morgan maniac magazine photoshoot behind the scenes

Joseph: Klaus is constantly changing and evolving

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TVNZ had a chance to catch up with Joseph Morgan, who told them he loves playing the (anti) hero on The Originals. “I love playing the bad guy. There’s something kind of rewarding about playing the hurricane. My job is to create drama and chaos and there’s a lot of fun to be had doing that.”

Elijah hasn’t given up on his brother yet. He believes there’s still hope for Klaus’ redemption, and Joseph agrees with him, “I believe he’s constantly changing and evolving.”

In the new interview the British actor also discusses all the fun he’s having shooting with his onscreen brother Daniel Gillies (Elijah). “I can’t get through a scene with him without something ridiculous happening. A lot of British Office quotes and Ricky Gervais-isms.”

To watch the interview, click here. Unfortunately it seems like it’s only available to New Zealanders. I’ll keep on trying to

11 things not everyone knows about Joseph

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Wetpaint has an interesting article, where they are discussing eleven things you might now know about Joseph. How many of those have you known before reading the article?

1. He’s off the market.

That’s right, ladies. There’s only one lady (besides his mum) who will be pinching those cheeks anytime soon. Joseph is currently dating Persia White, who had co-starred with him on The Vampire Diaries as Abby Bennett (Kat Graham’s on-screen mom). These two are almost too adorable together.

2. He’s got some Doctor Who connections.

In 2007, Joseph played William Price in the TV movie of Mansfield Park alongside Billie Piper, who played Fanny Price. For those of you non-Whovians out there, Billie played Rose Tyler in the 2005 revival of the BBC classic Doctor Who alongside Christopher Eccleston, who played the ninth incarnation of the Time Lord.

3. He’s obsessed with comics.

Call him the “Original” geek. While Joseph gets to head to Comic Con and be adorable, he’s a little bummed that he can’t take in the sights while he’s there. “The only bad thing about Comic Con is I never seem to have any time to get any comics #subtlehint,” Joseph tweeted on July 17.

4. He’s not actually Joseph Morgan.

Joseph was actually born Joseph Martin. We’ve no idea why he decided to switch it up, or why he chose to go with something equally generic. What are you hiding, Mr. Morgan?

5. He’s inked up.

He’s got an eclectic taste for tattoos. He’s got a panther-like tattoo on his right bicep, birds and a feather on his left arm/chest, and a triangle on his back. Sounds perfect to us.

6. He’s an avid reader — of the supernatural genre.

Back in 2012 Joseph decided to use his Twitter to help start a reading revolution. That’s right, you can participate in a virtual book club with JoMo by including #bookrevolution in your tweet. And here’s some advice: Joseph loves books of the supernatural genre, so if you want to win his favor, try reading any Stephen King tome or some zombie classics.

7. His first audition was for Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

That’s right, Joseph is a Harry Potter nerd. We’re not quite sure our on-screen boyfriend wasn’t given the part. Sure, Christian Coulson did a fine job in the role, but we still think Joseph was born to play that role.

8. He’s not just an actor.

Want to see Joseph’s work behind the camera? Revelation is a short film that he wrote and directed in 2013 that is currently making the rounds at film festivals across the nation. Can you guess who stars in this little gem? That would be the lovely Persia.

9. He’s very philanthropic.

Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) is practically a do-gooder superhero, and Joseph, a strong supporter of Positive Women, a charity which aims to empower women in Swaziland, shares the same giving spirit. Together, these two just might save the world.

10. He’s got great taste in TV.

Just like most of the cool kids on the block, Joseph is obsessed with AMC’s The Walking Dead and HBO’s Game of Thrones. But let’s get real, who isn’t?

11. He’s a gambler.

Joseph told The Huffington Post that he and Charles Michael Davis (his co-star on The Originals) met in Los Angeles when they were in the same poker club. Not only do their on-screen personas have a crazy history, we’re sure the actors themselves have had some rowdy nights as well.

Full article here.

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