Fan Experience from Crimson Sky Con

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@Ms_Davies__ kindly shared her experience from Crimson Sky Con in Vienna.

Ian: It’s Klausi-Klaus!
Joseph moaning: Don’t call me that in public.
Photo credit: @Ms_Davies__

After having my first meet&greet with Joe at 3pm, I had the pleasure to have my 2nd one at 5pm with him again (Matt & Michael too) – I won the 2nd M&G at the Party raffle. I was SO excited when he walked in! We were about 7 people sitting in circle and he was just next to us. He’s incredibly kind and a little bit shy. He hugged all of us one by one when we left although he doesn’t like too tight huggs. I had this pleasure 2 times: at the 1st M&G and at the photoshoot. He also told us many private things. He’s such a wonderful person. My gosh, I totally fell for him. It was so awesome and intensive to sit right opposite him. He looks at you so intensively and talks with his charming voice like it is the most normal thing in the world.

Th e-Original Family
has another amazing fan story posted on their website.

1.One question was if they will ever get married:
Joseph said that he does not want to marry because he does not see the need of marriage. If he loves a woman and they have a serious, long term relationship in his eyes it is not needed to get some written “proof” for people around or for government as long as they both know that they belong together. Joseph would only consider marriage if the woman really, really, really wants to get married.

2.Why are actors usually not dating “ordinary” people and would they date a non-actress:
Joseph said that he would (and did) date “ordinary” women (he did set the word “ordinary” in quotation marks because he thinks that ordinary women are great). But the big problem is work-schedules. He told us it is really hard to have a serious relationship with someone who is working 9 to 5 if you do have such crazy schedules with night shootings, PR-appointments and stuff. He said an actress would be more understanding because they know how business does work. That’s why most actors end up with other actresses not because “ordinary” women are less attractive or something.

3.They were asked about on-screen kisses and if they’re causing problems in off-screen relationships
Joseph explained that he once had a relationship with a non-actress (back to question 2 😉 ) and she was really crossing her fingers for him everytime he got to audition for a role. And she also really was happy for him if he finally got a job. But first question always was “Do you have to kiss???” He was pointing out the second question, mentioning that this is one thing where actresses are more understandable because they know from experience that kissing-scenes are everything but romantic or erotic.

Matt was interjecting that there most of the time is NO chemistry between the actors which have to kiss or make out but they’re trying to produce chemistry which is really hard. Matt (which is a true player with an unbelievable charisma I can tell you after this weekend) said that for example he loves Sara Canning because she’s an amazing person but there was no romantic chemistry between the two of them. So you’re trying to act like you’re totally attracted to your opposite but there always is a mic right to your faces, also several cameras and a lot of set-people are surrounding you.

Then one girl said something like “So intimidate scenes are even worse?” and Joseph was just laughing. He pointed out to “Ben Hur” and the sex scene he had. He couldn’t stop laughing whilst telling us the story. He said it was SO damn hot inside that room but set-people were spraying Glycerine on their bodies again and again so they would look sweaty. Big problem was that the windows were open and a lot of bugs were coming inside, sticking on the Glycerine on their bodies. So everytime they did interrupt shooting people were running to them, picking all the bugs from their bodies. He couldn’t stop laughing and said: “So everytime you’ll watch that scene again, think about the bugs on my body!!!”

You can read full story on their webpage.

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  1. I like Joseph very much.He is very smart.I like his role in the Vampire Dairies.I hope that he can come back in the forth.

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