Joseph Talks Damon’s Torture, Stefan’s ‘Whole New Level’ and Caroline

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I hope you all enjoyed 3.18 episode. Welcome Back Klaus has been trending for quite some time yesterday on twitter so I believe JoMo fans are really excited about his comeback!
Joseph discussed the last episode with EW. Read what he had to say:

Meanwhile, the battle between Stefan and Klaus heats up again, which Morgan says will make for “pretty exciting viewing towards the end of the episode.” He adds, “Stefan has become the thorn in his side, and that’s partly because Klaus still believes there’s hope for their friendship. He’s still not quite willing to give up his righthand man, the Ripper. So just as much as Klaus pushes Stefan into a dangerous confrontation, I think it’s also Stefan pushing him. Neither of them is willing to back down. More and more, Stefan is becoming the loose cannon that Damon was and the biggest threat to Klaus. We saw after episode 9, when he stole all of my family’s coffins, that Stefan is willing to go as far as it takes. So yeah, this episode takes it to a whole new level. It’s really ramping up toward the finale.”

Tyler is coming back on April 19 when 3.19 airs. So what’s going to happen then? Will Klaus just give up on her? TVLINE team was wondering the same thing.

TVLINE | Going from bromance to romance, Caroline has been rebuffing Klaus. Will he give up on her?
One thing he’s learned over a thousand years is a bit of patience. If at first you don’t succeed, you’ve got to try, try and try again. There’s no way he’s going to give up on her. She’s the first person to catch his eye in centuries. He really is fascinated by this girl. And he really genuinely believes that he can show her a world that she deserves to have that is her right as a vampire. He wants her to embrace the creature that she has become. He believes he is the person who can help her do that. I think he’s not going to give up. He may have to wait a year or 10 years or a hundred years. But if he’s focused on that, he’ll find a way to get it. He’s not used to taking no for an answer, that’s for sure.

TVLINE | I have to admit, I miss the twisted Stefan/Klaus bromance from earlier this season.
Stefan is the biggest thorn in Klaus’ side, because if it comes to it, [Klaus] will kill Damon. … So I really think that there’s a little bit of him that still thinks his friend might be coming back. He’s still not willing to give up on The Ripper. That’s the biggest weakness that he has at the moment. He doesn’t believe who Stefan is now is the real him. He believes the real him was him back in the ’20s, and he still really wants his friend back. He learned so much from Stefan in the ’20s, even though he was a great deal older than him. It’s a bromance I think he misses as well.

Full article can be found here.

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