REPORT: Joseph at Crimson Sky Con in Vienna (June 16, 2012)

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Photo credit: Ashley

Summer means hiatuses for the Vampire Diaries, but it also means conventions.  Joseph today attended Crimson Sky convection in Vienna (Austria) along with Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Matt Davis and Michael Trevino.
Thanks to many lovely fans we managed to find out what Joseph was saying at his panel and private meet & greet.

Joseph is blown away by Vienna’s beauty. – stefansbitch
‘Lovely’ and ‘sweetheart’ – these words were something Joseph wanted the writers to include in the Vampire Diaries show. – Ashley
When he read the script of the last ep, Joseph got goosebumps. – Ashley
Joseph watches Game of Thrones. – @Real_Rippah
Joseph wants to live in 1500’s for a day. – @Real_Rippah
Joseph only wears white, black and grey. On his walls his favourite colour is dark red. – Ashley
Joseph loves his job and a part of it is being evil and its fun. – Ashley
Joseph said Team Mystic Falls is the ScoobyDoo Clan. – @Real_Rippah
Joseph said he’s getting his script for 4×01 in 2 weeks, and he said he’s so excited. – stefansbitch
Joseph’s fav episode of season 3 is 3×04 and the reunion of the Originals family. – Julia
Joseph said he was after reading the script of 3×22. – Julia
He is coming to 60’s party tonight but he won’t dance. – Julia
He can’t wait for his fans to see Warhouse. – Julia
Joseph said he doesn’t want Klaus to be nice but he wish to had a love interest, mabye with Caroline-he likes that option. – Julia
Joseph is so handsome and shy! During the private meet&greet he sit there and was so shy. But he’s adorable and can’t wait for the TVD season 4 shooting. – Julia
Joseph sang on stage. – Julia
Joseph called me a really lovely guy to tell him “We love you!” from all his Twitter friends! – @Real_Rippah

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  1. Whaaaat, Joseph sang?! What did he sing? Was he a good singer? I want to hear him sing! :)

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