REPORT: Joseph at Crimson Sky Con in Vienna (June 17, 2012)

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Photo credit: Ashley

Hello friends!
So here are all saying/quotes/facts from today. Joseph attended one panel (with Ian) at 10am and charity event in the afternoon. Everything we have is from the panel, seems like he didn’t talk much at the charity event.

All quotes were originally posted by Ashley so please do not forget to credit her when sharing.

Q: What was your biggest achievement?

Ian: “I’m sitting on the stage with Joseph Morgan!”
Joseph: “Working with Paul Wesley.”

Joseph to Ian: “I really like you.”

Q: Should love consume us?
Ian: “It consumes everything.”
Joseph: “Love is all we need.”

Q: Is it crazy to pay a lot of money for you?
Both Ian and Joseph:“Yes!”
Joseph: “I don’t even own a car or a house.”

Joseph: “I love working with Candice and I love the chemistry.”
Ian: “Caroline’s hot!”
Joseph: “I’m all for that couple.”

Q: What was the craziest thing that happened to you on set?
I met Joseph Morgan.

Coming next: videos from yesterday and today. Meanwhile you can read what was happening yesterday.

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